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Clones essays

Clones essays Cloning In the past few years, the topic of cloning has been in the news a lot. It is a very controversial issue, with many opposing viewpoints. While some find it acceptable, others object for religious reasons. A big concern is the possibility of abuse of this new technology. One of the big questions is Where will we stop? We may start by just experimenting and studying, but then what? Manufacturing human bodies for spare parts? No one can be sure where it will stop. The Supreme court says that everyone has the right to make their own reproductive decisions without government interference, but now it is proposing bans on human cloning. These bans prevent the very research needed to make cloning safe (Eibert). So, it seems that the government is not giving human cloning a chance. There are many benefits to cloning in the fields of fertility, organ transplants, and fighting disease. Although there are many benefits, the possible effects and moral considerations are too great for us to continue experimentation. One of the major benefits of cloning technology is improvement in the field of fertility. In vitro fertilization only has a success rate of about 10%. To improve effectiveness, doctors could clone embryos, and the success rate could drastically increase. Another benefit in the field of fertility is that parents unable to conceive naturally, even with in vitro, or people too old to conceive, could still have a genetically related child. With cloning, egg and sperm would not be necessary for reproduction, because any body cell would work. The resulting offspring would actually be a replica of one parent (Masci 413-414). Other benefits to using cloning come in the field of fighting disease. When genes are not in use, they become dormant. In order for cloni ng to take place, all genes must be active. Discovering how genes are turned on and off could lead to treatment for different cancers. ...

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Parenting Styles Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Parenting Styles - Research Paper Example 11). The excitement that accompanies parenthood makes it incomparable to any other events or experiences in life. Regardless of one’s levels of frustrations in life, children and parenting will always be a source of indefinite love, making it important that one appreciates every opportunity at parenthood. Parenting gives parents not only the opportunity to possess powers over their children but also makes them possess hitherto unachieved levels of tolerance and self-esteem. In this regard, parenting makes one realize and recognize his/her abilities in ways never imaged or thought before. For instance, one may come to appreciate his/her abilities to shape and influences other peoples’ lives through parenting (Brooks, 2011 P. 3). Executing parental duties is therefore a privilege that one should enjoy and it is for the above reasons that I would become a parent. Although parents have quite a number of duties and responsibilities as far as bringing up their children is concerned, some of the parental duties are more crucial to the life a child than others are. One such parenting job is to train the children to be obedient to the society by breaking them of their wills. It is not the role of a parent to please a child by allowing the child’s will to prevail. Instead, a parent should train his/her child to follow the will not only of the parent but also of the authorities and society. Allowing a child to follow his/her wish and resolve only results in disobedience. Parents should therefore instill in their children, the excellence of obedience and how it pleases the parent, community, the government, and God to be obedient (Brooks, 2011 P. 8). The other crucial job for parents is to keep their children as far away from evil company as possible. In fact, bad company is one of the most undoing dangers to children in the modern society, bo th at home and at school. Parents

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Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Business Law - Essay Example When you buy a pair of shoes, you're paying money to own the product, plain and simple. But under UCITA, what you'd be paying for when you purchase software wouldn't be the program itself, merely a license to use it. That's a subtle difference, but a significant one. Differences in selling a product and licensing the product depend on the product itself. McAllister cites additional examples of the license screen when purchasing software online: â€Å"You're told to read them, and then click ‘I Agree,’ before you're allowed to complete the installation.† While not all consumers read this â€Å"fine print† page, McAllister advises everyone should â€Å"because the way the software industry would have it, those screens of text are legally binding contracts.† Many of the provisions in the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act were first proposed as a modification to Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Why did the drafters decide to propose it as a separate and distinct uniform act? Because of the growing online commerce actions, the â€Å"powers that be† in the U.S. government felt there needed to be a more clear-cut law for such commercial acts. The wording of Article 2, Congress felt, was not sufficient to cover the needs of the buyer and seller. Furthermore, amending Article 2 (originally intended to be Article 2B) was viewed as ineffective for such growing electronic businesses. Therefore, the onset of the UCITA gave both sides of the transaction a clear picture of what is legally expected.

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Companies Go Global, But Many Managers Just Don't Travel Well Article

Companies Go Global, But Many Managers Just Don't Travel Well - Article Example The article looks at the sentiments of managers from other countries and their opinions of the American manager. What comes out clearly is that the American manger is perceived to be extremely successful. This is as a result of the combinations of various factors. They are in many instances deemed as nonglobal people. This means that they do not take time to understand the culture, language or mannerisms of the people that they are conducting business. The American managers have engrossed themselves in a culture of â€Å"they know it best†. They have an attitude of things being done their way or no way at all. Despite all this, they are ranked as the most powerful managers running powerful, and extremely sophisticated organizations. The author of the article states simply that the American manager could do much for the organization that he or she represents. This is through adherence to a strict global outlook that makes the entire globe eager to conduct business with the Amer icans. Any American manager wanting to break ground in the new territory should understand the region has its own climate. This means that they have policies, rules, regulations, language, religion, mode of expression and a strict sense of a culture that units them. They should understand that they have a unique business acumen that represents them as a globe or country. The way to succeed in such a country is by adhering to the people’s way of life at all times. The act of management should encompass what the employees of that region expect of their manager. This means that if an American country wants to appeal to clients in an Islamic nation, it has to adhere to certain basic Islamic concepts. The employees should have a separate area where they can hold their prayer sessions as per Islam Laws.

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Comfort Of Our Own Homes Essay -- social issues

Comfort Of Our Own Homes Violence is very wide spread in society today and is growing at an alarming rate among our children. Everyday we seem to hear of children beating on one another, ganging up on the elderly, invading homes, and even murdering people. One has to question how much effect different sorts of media have on our children. From the time we are very young we can be exposed to seeing and hearing horrible acts of violence on the television and radio, and through video games. Sadly, I believe this is where it all starts - in the comfort of our own homes. Over and over again children watch violent programs and play video games with the goal of killing others. Eventually many of them find it amusing and enjoyable to see others being hurt and killed. Parents, in general, are not protecting their kids from this invasion of media violence. Many children laugh at violence and think it’s funny to hurt others. According to David Grossman, a former psychology professor and author of a Pulitzer-nominated book on the psychology of violence, the most dangerous of all media is that which teaches the child to laugh. â€Å" Once you get beyond the early age where kids are stunned and mesmerized by TV and can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, you find they begin to laugh at the violence†. (Grierson, Adbusters 2) Children who view a lot of television become hardened to violence. â€Å" Media violence systematically brutalizes and desensitizes its r...

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Manga vs American Comics

In the world today, due to the ease of distribution and commerce, we see much diversity of products all over the place. A high competitors in this are comics, the American comic battling the Japanese comic (manga). There is a big difference in art styles between Manga, which is more exaggerated and American comics, which tend to be more â€Å"realistic†. There are also quite a few serious differences between the two types of comics. Some of the differences, just to mention a few of them are the cost, creation, diverse audience and genres, presentation and even size. Many continue reading the American comics because it is traditional, eye catching, and they like heroes. However more are turning to manga instead for it appeals to their everyday lifestyles, it’s simple, and there is a lot more content. Manga will be more prominent than American comics without a doubt. The creation of Manga and its layout is quite different than American Comics. Manga is printed in black and white format while American comics are for the most part in full color. Also, when you look at a graphic novel or Manga you will notice there is a great difference in the size. Manga is frequently smaller than traditional American comic books, usually digest-size and roughly half or less the size of American comics. Where the American comics are generally thin like a small magazine, Manga is thick and with many more pages. This not only makes it more comfortable for the reader it also provides more content keeping their attention longer. In page count, Manga is quite similar to graphic novels, which are often just collections of the ongoing American comics. But unlike American graphic novels, which are usually just a collection of monthly comics in a single unified story or story arc, Manga books are often apart of an even bigger story and a complete Manga storyline can run thousands of pages. Another difference between traditional American comics is that mainstream American comics are often created in a sort of assembly-line fashion. They have a writer, a penciler (initial sketch), inker (uses a pen to ink over the sketch), letterer (adds dialog) and a colorist. Most Manga books are done by a single creator, who combines all those chores except coloring. Also Manga story lines usually move at a much quicker pace. Due to the high page count, one reads a Manga book at an accelerated pace. Manga books almost always have fewer panels and less dialogue (rambling) per page than American comic books. Check the average Japanese comic book, and you’ll find lots of wordless art. Some of this may be establishing shots, setting a scene or a mood. Some of it may be pure visual action or suspense, told solely through motion, facial expressions, or body language. The price for Manga is also less than the average comic book and a bit less than a standard paperback novel, the small size of Manga and black-and-white printing rather than full color keeps the cost down. The lack color is made up when you consider the story development that it'll have with the amount of pages it has. In Japan, Manga is not viewed as just for kids unlike the American stereotype. There pretty much is a Manga for everyone. With that being stated there are three main genres in Japanese Manga: Shonen Manga (boy's comics), Shojo Manga (girl's comics) and Hentai (adult comics). Shonen Manga is pretty much comics that are primarily action and/or adventure geared. Shojo Manga is for the opposite sex; they are often about relationships and/or love interests. Please note that even though a particular genre is geared towards a certain audience it's not limited to just that audience (unless otherwise stated). Hentai Manga are more focused on the sexual aspect of adulthood usually banned from those younger than the limit. While American comics tend to fall into a few specific genres (superhero, science fiction, etc. ), Japanese comics are designed for a much wider range of reading interests. There are Japanese comics for young boys and girls to adults of all tastes and interests. There are sports comics, soap-opera comics, ambitious business comics — just about any topic you can name. Many of these are much too specialized for the American market, but they are fascinating to know about. With this look at the competing markets, I believe that Manga will just take over due to its large variety. American comics having been based of history or such figures have a harder time keeping up. Manga aren’t as reliant on a base and a set of rules which allows them to adapt or simply tell whatever the story is. Until American comics can find that flexibility they simply won’t be able to keep up with Manga.

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The Most Gifted Othello By William Shakespeare - 770 Words

Ben Tilden Ms. Baxter Pre-IB English 31 March 2015 The Most Gifted Villain in Literature The tragedy of Othello by William Shakespeare takes place in Venice and Cyprus approximately in 1603. Othello, the valiant Moor of Venice and the play’s protagonist, is a noble gifted leader looked up to by the people of Venice. His â€Å"free and open nature† (1.3.390) allows Iago, the play’s antagonist, to be able to identify Othello’s tragic flaw: credulity. Iago’s consuming desire for power fuels his meticulous plot to hurt and manipulate Othello. Through the use of jealousy and misleading appearance, Shakespeare creates the most gifted villain in literature. Iago gives a multitude of reasons for his poor treatment of Othello, however his jealousy originates from when Michael Cassio was promoted as Lieutenant over him. This sparked Iago’s hatred and disloyalty towards Othello. However, in the play Iago explains his reasoning, â€Å"But for my sport and profit. I hate the Moor†¦ do as if for surety.† (1.3.12) In the first scen e Iago explains his motive of destroying Othello because of being overlooked for getting promoted, however now he tells us that his hatred was born from the rumors that Othello has been hooking up with Emilia, Iago’s wife. Clearly Iago’s intensions are to take revenge on anyone for the smallest provocations, as Iago appreciates the damage he causes. His desire and need for power is key in the engineering of the downfall of the eponymous character. In an attempt toShow MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare s A Good And Lasting Legacy822 Words   |  4 PagesWilliam Shakespeare William Shakespeare left a good, lasting legacy that we see almost every day and we don t even know it s there. A legacy is something that you leave behind weather good or bad, Shakespeare s left a legacy of books and being thought as one of the greatest writers in the world. In William’s life he created many pieces of literature and words that people use everywhere today. We may not know a whole lot about William Shakespeare’s life but we can see that he was a veryRead More The Nature of Evil in William ShakespeareÂ’s Othello Essay1656 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam ShakespeareÂ’s Othello uses different and unique techniques in his language to express the nature of evil throughout the play. Verbal twists and the characters most importantly stress the act of evil. Iago, most of all is portrayed as the “villain” or “protagonist in the play. Shakespeare uses this character to set the basis of evil. Each plot point is spiraled further into tragedy due to the nature of Iago and his manipulative language towards the other main characters. Corruption overcomesRead MoreThe Development of Othellos Character in William Shakespeares Play1169 Words   |  5 PagesThe Development of Othellos Character in William Shakespeares Play At the start of the play Othello is presented as a very confident character. He is a high ranking general in the Venetian army. However during the course of the play Othello is betrayed and manipulated by Iago, and the audience observes the unravelling of his tragic flawRead MoreNature of Evil in Othello1704 Words   |  7 PagesThe Nature Of Evil In Othello The Nature of Evil in Othello William Shakespeare’s Othello uses different and unique techniques in his language to express the nature of evil throughout the play. Verbal twists and the characters most importantly stress the act of evil. Iago, most of all is portrayed as the â€Å"villain† or â€Å"protagonist in the play. Shakespeare uses this character to set the basis of evil. Each plot point is spiraled further into tragedy due to the nature of Iago and his manipulativeRead MoreIago : The Master Manipulator1194 Words   |  5 PagesSkyler Lester ENG3UE Tipping December 12, 2015 Iago: The Master Manipulator Iago is known as one of the most well known characters in Shakespeare s Othello because of his interesting colourful dialogue, his unknown goals and motivations, and his ability to brainwash with words. It is certain that Iago has the ability to use his silver tongue to brainwash even the highest minds, but what is more important is the fact that he chooses to do this to benefit himself, and himself only. Iago is a classicRead MoreDefining The Terms Renaissance And Humanism875 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Bacchus and Ariadne (Wethy, 2016) 4. Who was Shakespeare, and how many plays did he write? Shakespeare, perhaps the greatest and most well-known poet of all time, wrote thirty-seven plays during his lifetime, according to the Internet Shakespeare Editions article â€Å"Fast Facts about Shakespeare†. Notably, some of his most famous works are Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, a Midsummer’s Night Dream, and Julius Caesar (Internet Shakespeare Editions). 5. What is the setting of Romeo andRead MoreAnalysis of Act One of Othello by William Shakespeare Essay1474 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of Act One of Othello by William Shakespeare Act 1 is an exceptionally indicative passage of writing in which Shakespeare attempts to divulge the coarse essence of Iagos nature to the audience. Indeed, by the conclusion of line 66 the audience not only understands - in broad terms - Iagos motives and grievances, but also something of the manner in which he intends to consummate Read More The Works of William Shakespeare Essay1429 Words   |  6 PagesThe Works of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is customary regarded to be the finest dramatist the world has ever seen and the greatest poet who has created his plays in the English language. Besides, Shakespeare has been the world’s most famous author. No other writer’s works have been published so many times or read so broadly in so many places. Shakespeare knew human nature as few other writers have. He could notice in a particular dramatic case the qualities that refer to all humanRead MoreEssay on The Other in William Shakespeares Othello2354 Words   |  10 PagesThe Other in William Shakespeares Othello In several of Shakespeares plays the writer introduces the notion of being considered an other, and whether certain groups are in or out. This theme is significantly portrayed in the play Othello, in which a black general living in Venice must constantly struggle to balance his dual nature of both Moor and Venetian. It is apparent that before the play begins, Othello has not yet resolved his duplicitous self-image; however, throughout theRead MoreThe Literary Genius Of William Shakespeare s Romeo And Juliette, Othello, King Lear, And Macbeth1953 Words   |  8 PagesWilliam Shakespeare is an intriguing and well-known playwright and is considered to be the face of literature. Through the brainstorming of his greatest plays Romeo and Juliette, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth, just to name a few, Shakespeare’s most famous play seemingly enough is Hamlet. This play is mostly evoked for its intrinsic worth however, it has its imperfections. Shakespeare will forever live on as th e literary genius of the century because of the internal tragedies he endured that gave